Get Back to Doing the Things You Love

Be Confident. Be Inspired. Express Yourself.

The MyQuest soft ankle foot orthosis (AFO) for foot drop returns aspects of life that can be challenging.  Wear at work or at home, for athletic activities or therapeutically, wear all day or just for the activities you love.

The MyQuest soft brace has a unique patent pending design that uses custom clips and elastic cords that attach securely to a variety of shoe styles providing comfort and confidence.  

Designed so you can...


walk with confidence.

Provides support for mild to severe dorsiflexion (foot lift) and limits inversion (foot tilt) to avoid tripping.


wear with a variety of shoes.

 Provides access to a large selection of regular shoe sizes; dress shoes, sandals, slippers, boots and sneakers. 


walk naturally and comfortably.

Restricts movement and stabilizes the foot and ankle allowing for a natural stride. 

MyQuest Soft AFO for Foot Drop

MyQuest Soft AFO for Foot Drop Tutorial