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About Us

The MyQuest Soft brace was designed to improve the lives of those living with foot drop.

My foot drop resulted in 2008 from degenerative disc disease and spinal stenosis at the age of 36.  I understand the many challenges that foot drop presents and I have a strong desire to share what I have learned.  In an effort to improve my quality of life, I have designed a brace that I now wear everyday, all day with comfort and with a variety of shoes.  Normal living is possible with foot drop.  For me, the MyQuest brace made all the difference in the world.  I now have a closet full of shoes and I can participate in many more activities with confidence. My sole purpose for developing the New England Foot Drop Center has been to help others with the same challenges.  



Suzanne Malinowski
Inventor and Wearer of the MyQuest Soft AFO Brace