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Is the MyQuest AFO right for me?

MyQuest provides support for mild to severe dorsiflexion (foot lift) and limits inversion (foot tilt) to avoid tripping. The MyQuest soft AFO brace provides dorsiflexion through the swing phase to assist in walking and other activities, but is not recommended for use that may require precise foot and toe control. 

How long does a MyQuest AFO last?

The MyQuest AFO is constructed of highest quality materials that can last 2-5 years or longer depending on how often it is worn. 

Will MyQuest work with my footwear?

MyQuest is compatible with a wide variety of footwear from fashionable to functional.  Please see our shoe guide for more information.   

Does insurance cover the MyQuest AFO?

We do not currently have a Medicare insurance reimbursement code, but every healthcare plan is different. Please check with your provider.   

Is MyQuest easy to install on my footwear?

We provide very detailed instructions for assembly to your footwear.  If you have difficulty with fine motor skills or dexterity it is recommended that you get some assistance.  We offer installation services if needed.   

What is the MyQuest return policy?

The MyQuest AFO has a 30 day risk free money back guarantee.  See our complete return policy.